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Professional Mental Health
and Well-being Training

We are an educational training and wrap-around support service.

Our training is designed to provide staff, colleagues, family members and people leaders with the skills to look after their well-being while confidently entering into supportive conversations with others in distress or crisis.


We provide a range of professional development programmes and ongoing supporting services for employees, team leaders, and community professionals to become more confident and skilled in responding to distress, stress, or crisis among colleagues, clients or the public.
Lifeline Connect: Business

Lifeline Connect: Business

Our professional development for business includes delivery of our foundation modules… recognising and responding to stress and risk in self and others (colleagues/clients), and our specialised training module, supporting call centre staff to manage challenging and complex calls. Also included are follow-up post-training group sessions that are trainer-led, with the option of the Lifeline Connect Debrief Call Service (formalised debrief and support immediately following a complex conversation with another client, customer, or employee).

Lifeline Connect: Community

Lifeline Connect: Community

Our education programme designed for communities includes a professionally designed workshop enabling participants to recognise and respond to stress and risk in both themselves and others. Workshops are led by skilled Lifeline trainers along with the option of ongoing support through the Lifeline Connect Debrief Call Service.

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Our Background

Lifeline Connect was created in 2019 and is a division of Lifeline Aotearoa and part of Presbyterian Support Northern (PSN).

Our vision is to create an early intervention and risk prevention culture in workplaces across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our mission is to build a connected network of human support, enabling skilled and healthy mental well-being conversations and interventions.

Our professional development training is modelled on an early intervention strategy and is delivered by an experienced training team.

Using instructional design expertise and sound clinical overview, we have developed our training in alignment with best practice learning principles to ensure maximum learning and skill development.

Today, we successfully deliver our training and supporting services to many New Zealand organisations across various business and community sectors.

For information about our training products, please contact our team: phone 0508 266 328 or email

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Our Training Workshops and Supporting Services provide:

  • Access to skilled educators supported by Lifeline qualified counsellors.
  • Advice and guidance on self-care practices to maintain professional resilience and mitigate burnout.
  • Knowledge and strategies to confidently support people who are in distress or crisis. 
  • Confidence to engage in courageous conversations with someone in distress or crisis. 
  • Skills to rate and respond to levels of risk. 
  • Information on where to refer for support.
  • On-the-job coaching support and debriefing call service for frontline and client-facing staff.
  • Post-training peer group follow-up sessions to facilitate sharing and reinforce learnings.

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Become a Lifeline Legend

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