Lifeline Aotearoa applauds Government response to Mental Health & Addictions Inquiry

Lifeline Aotearoa applauds the Government’s response to the He Ara Oranga report into mental health and wellbeing and is backing its decision not to set a specific suicide reduction target.

Lifeline Aotearoa Clinical Manager Renee Mathews said that Lifeline’s view, like the government’s, is that every single life matters and that one suicide is too many. 

"We recognise that this response is the first step and it will be a long road ahead, and we are hopeful that the tide is turning for New Zealanders who are out there hurting and unsupported," she said.

Lifeline also supports an approach to solving suicide in New Zealand that takes into account the complexity of social contributors to mental health issues.

"The solution to our suicide crisis in Aotearoa lies within our communities and in our ability to support people before they get to the point of needing specialist intervention,” said Renee. “It is heartening to see that the government has recognised these links."

Lifeline also endorses the Government’s decision to accept 38 of the 40 recommendations and is eager to understand how the Government’s budget announcements will align with its intentions.