Fundraising ideas

Need some inspiration? There are tones of ways you can fundraise - check out some of our favourites here:

Give it up - give up something for a week or month - it could be coffee, sugar, alcohol, technology or talking. You could also ask friends and family to donate in lieu of birthday, wedding or Christmas gifts. 

Help out - if you have a special skill you could give lessons, organise a car wash, dog walking or babysitting.  

Have a party! Host a book club, Christmas party or a quiz or karaoke night and charge friends and family to come along. 

Sell it - hold a garage sale, bake sale or get your colleagues involved in providing baking or a sausage sizzle. 

Do something crazy - wear fancy dress everyday for a week. Shave your head, colour your hair purple, grow a moustache, run 2kms every day for a month. 

Start a fundraiser for Lifeline here!